Winter 2018

Andy’s winter has never been more interesting! 
We bring you the newest winter visulas for the most beautiful end of this and the beginning of the new year!
Let’s start with the dresses that have never been more voluminous and luxurious.

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Lookbook Paris Couture

We presented our new Paris Couture collection in Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral at the Extravagant Gala Fashion Evening. 

Inspired with style of the French women which is often in a neutral palette, this black and white collection wants you to develop a signature look that will make you feel good in any occasion

Complicated cuts and combinations of different types of fabrics are a great challenge, but bearing in mind a woman who has to look upscale and face up to her own challenges every day, it is a pleasure to overcome it.

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Paris, Paris

We are delighted to be surprised with such a beautiful news!

Croatian blogger, Sonja Kovač, visited a great Parisian fashion week, and one of her favorite outfits was our coat Phillip, which she was wearing at the John Galliano fashion show.

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Summer longing

You know that feeling of summer longing? I’m sure we’ve all experienced it, and not just once.
Just look at these photos and tell me that you don’t feel it. It’s like this outfit tells us a story about some very special summer. 

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