Paris, Paris

We are delighted to be surprised with such a beautiful news!

Croatian blogger, Sonja Kovač, visited a great Parisian fashion week, and one of her favorite outfits was our coat Phillip, which she was wearing at the John Galliano fashion show.

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Magical maxi skirt!

Maxi skirts are usually reserved for spring and summer days, but why not wear them all year round?

That is why we have created a perfect tartan maxi skirt that can be worn in many ways.
So, when you are in the mood for a long skirt, wear it classically, and when you are in the mood to dress something unusual, then transform it in a very simple way so that it is shorter at the front, like sculpture, while longer at the back.

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Top 5 autumn outfits!

Summer is almost over, new school year has already begun and we slowly return to our routine.
To help us make this routine easier, we decided to introduce to you our top 5 autumn outfits. So let’s go!

One very interesting garment is this Crazy jacket.

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Summer longing

You know that feeling of summer longing? I’m sure we’ve all experienced it, and not just once.
Just look at these photos and tell me that you don’t feel it. It’s like this outfit tells us a story about some very special summer. 

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